What is @UKTeachers?
@UKTeachers is a Twitter account that maintains Twitter lists of UK-based teachers on Twitter.

What’s it for?
The lists are effectively a public directory and are a quick way to join tweeting teaching communities, both by subscribing to relevant lists and by following the individuals listed to build a personal learning network. When first using Twitter professionally, they can be used as a starting point for finding relevant people to follow. Placing yourself on the lists should also help to gain like-minded followers.

The lists
The lists, largely by curriculum subject area, are public and anyone can view them and/or subscribe to them:

If you’d like to see other lists added, just tweet @UKTeachers to request it.

Getting yourself onto a list
To check if you’re listed, log in to Twitter, click the “me” icon, then “lists”, then “member of”.

If you aren’t on a list and would like to be, just follow @UKTeachers to be added (tweet if it’s not obvious from your profile which lists to add you to).

Advice for teachers using Twitter professionally
If you are thinking of using Twitter more to engage professionally, my top three tips would be:

  • Take a professional and open approach. Use your real name, don’t lock your account and only tweet about things relevant to the other professionals you are networking with. Keep both your personal life and any tweets aimed at your pupils in other, separate Twitter accounts.
  • Usefully and honestly complete your Twitter profile. That means a picture and a bio and a location. Your bio should include a minimum of the subject(s) you teach (ideally in a standard searchable manner, eg “history teacher”). Your location should be useful at different scales, ie local, national, international (eg “Shropshire, England, UK”). A sense of humour and identity are appreciated if you have enough characters left over, but the professional information is more important to the other professionals you’re hoping to network with.
  • Keep your tweets useful and constructive. Share your thoughts, opinions, ideas, experiences, resources. Advertise your own blog posts or other useful things you’ve read; retweet others’ contributions so that they gain extra life and penetration within the community. But don’t moan and never tweet anything you wouldn’t want your real-life colleagues to read.

Beyond that, Edudemic has some pretty comprehensive advice in their Teachers’ Guide to Twitter, including links to the all-important chat hashtags, such as their hashtag dictionary.


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