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A daydrop is a moment of your day, told from the perspective of one of the people sharing it with you. Collect enough daydrops and you’ll have an ocean of thoughts all telling your story, but all different, exciting and revealing.

The daydrop app allows your phone/tablet to be passed around any gathering of friends, family, colleagues or clients, inviting each to give the same information: a video message lasting just a few seconds and three short answers to three focused questions. By the time your device comes back to you, you will have 10, 20, 30 daydrops, all giving you a unique perspective on the same thing.

Examples of how daydrop could be used:

At a leaving party: Your daydrops could include 10-second videos recording fond and touching goodbyes, followed by answers to questions like “What’s the funniest moment we ever shared?” or “What’s the first thing I should buy for my new life?”.

Students on the last day of school: You could all pass your devices around, all leaving daydrops for each other — video farewells and answers to “Our best moment together?”, “Craziest teacher?” or “Award most likely to win?” A nice compliment to the year book.

At a wedding: Daydrops for the bride and groom could be a video message from each of the guests wishing compliments to the happy couple, followed by answers to “Best advice?” or “How long do you give us?” (only joking!)

At work: Daydrops of 20-second videos capturing first impressions from a new product launch or presentation of a new direction, followed by answers to specific questions like “What did you like?”, “What didn’t you like?”, “What’s missing?”

Teachers in the classroom: Collect daydrops during a lesson or at the end of a topic, with 5-second video feedback from all the students in the class and answers to questions like “What are you confused about?” or “What are you enjoying most?” or “How could I do this better for the next class?”.

The daydrop app is a fun twist on sharing, but in a structured and easy way — one short video (you choose the length), three short questions (what would you ask?), all seamless, all getting down to what’s most meaningful to you. It integrates with your existing apps: the videos are saved to your device to do with as you wish; the answers to the questions are able to be shared with social media apps, sent by email or exported to a document. The answers are password protected, too, so no-one else can see the daydrops already left by others.

Whatever your stage of life and whatever the reason, if you’re sharing a key moment with others, capture it in a fun and quirky way with daydrop.


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